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Our Firefighters need YOUR help!

Voting yes on AA will help them get better supplies and reduce response time. 



Why We Need Measure AA

If you live in Valley Center or surrounding rural areas, there’s nothing more important in THIS election than your YES VOTE on Measure AA for Valley Center Fire Protection District.    


When a life-threatening medical emergency, fire, or wildfire strikes, EVERY SECOND COUNTS.   

Valley Center Fire Protection District (VCFPD) has answered the call for 39 years, heroically saving lives and protecting our families, homes, and property.   


Sadly, however, limited funding, increasing demands and rising operating costs have taken their toll –  today Valley Center Fire Protection District is spread dangerously thin.  


The risks are high and growing.

 Experts tell us that the brain starts deteriorating 4-6 minutes after a person stops breathing.  However, the average 911 response time in Valley Center is 10 minutes.   Some firefighting and lifesaving emergency medical equipment is so old it no longer meets current safety standards.  VCFPD can only afford to offer low wages and benefits, so firefighters must take on multiple jobs to get by – or worse, they train here and leave for better jobs elsewhere.  


Measure AA provides a prudent solution to address VCFPD’s most urgent needs.  

NO other funding currently exists to meet these needs.  

Measure AA will:

  • Improve rapid-response times for fire and 911 emergency medical services
  • Recruit/retain qualified firefighters and paramedics, and offer a living wage
  • Upgrade firefighting/lifesaving equipment, technology and facilities
  • Provide a fire station on Cole Grade, to improve 911 response times across our 85-square mile community 
  • Help lower fire insurance rates 


Taxpayer protections are REQUIRED.


  • ALL FUNDS STAY LOCAL, the State CANNOT take this funding away. 


  • Independent Citizen Oversight and mandatory audits ensure proper spending. 
  • Senior citizens are eligible for an exemption. 




Your YES VOTE is an investment in YOUR future

Firefighters, emergency responders, and residents across Valley Center urge your support.  

Please – for your family, your property and your community,